20% merchant fee + $5 fee to customer.

Our api allows you to choose whether you or the customer pays which fees.

For example:
If a customer is buying a $100 item and decides to pay with GiftPay, the customer will have to buy a $105 Walmart gift card and submit it to us. In this case the transaction value is $100, because we took $5 flat fee and you get paid $80 ($100 - 20%).

Optionally, you can charge your customer more for using our anonymous payment solution. Instead of a $100 transaction, you can make the transaction $125 with gift cards, so at the end you get paid $100 ($125 - 20%).

In most cases, merchants who sell digital products take the entire merchant fee and only charge their customers $5. Our data shows that customers who use our service are primarily individuals who want to purchase a product online, but don’t want their credit card statement reflecting the purchase. 96% of this customer type would rather not make the purchase if not provided an anonymous payment solution.

Our API is extremely flexible and the transaction fees can be formatted to fit your specific customer type. Contact us for more info.
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