GiftPay WordPress Plugin


Before activating the plugin, make sure you have have downloaded the last version of the gift pay gateway for Wordpress above.

Once you are at the Wordpress, go to "Plugins"

Then, click on "Add New" button

That enables to upload new plugin. To do that, please click on "Upload Plugin" button.

Then, choose the file you have downloaded above.

Fill in the fields and click on the "Proceed" button.

Then, you need to activate plugin by clicking on "Activate Plugin".

Then, the plugin gets activated and you have left to change couple of changes in settings. To do that, click on "Settings" button.

Once you are at the settings, need to add the following information:

  1. 1. API Key
  2. 2. API Secret
  3. 3. Check on Sandbox Mode (if you want to test the Sandbox Mode)
  4. 4. Sandbox Key
  5. 5. Sandbox Secret

Then, click on "Save Settings" button.

Please note that all of above information you can get from

That should be it for settings, and now you need to either make a post or create page to publish the plugin. In order to do that, follow along:

Please note that if you have an existing Page, you can just edit that page, otherwise, you need to add a new Page as below:

Once you open the New Page, you need to add a button for "Payment". For example below, we have added a button called GiftPay with description of "Test test", userid of "[email protected]" and amount of "100".

[giftpay description="Test test" userid ="[email protected]" amount="100"]

When you click on the "Preview" button, you should see the below page. Once you are good to publish, click on "Publish" button above.

Clicking on "GiftPay" button will direct you to the payment popup, where you can test the flow. Once you feel ready go back to Preview Page and click on the "Edit" button.

Then, click on "Publish" button and set up the Visibility and Publishing time, and click on "Publish" once more.

Once you publish, you can view the page, copy the page's address. Thats it.